The Last Round-Up for 2014: Shatner takes on Twitter and the history of native ads

william shatnerIt’s time for the final round-up of 2014. I started doing these a few months ago and I really enjoy them, so I hope you enjoy reading them and have discovered some stories you might have missed.

We’ll begin this session with a little news:

William Shatner broke the news that Twitter was doing something fishy with their Promoted Tweets. He noticed that his Following page now includes a “promoted” follow for MasterCard even though he doesn’t follow their account. At a glance, and if you’re the kind of person who looks at who other people follow, you might think Shatner is endorsing the brand. Twitter told Mashable this has been going on since 2013 and it’s no big deal. They say it’s just another form of advertising and is covered by their terms of service. Shatner doesn’t think so.

Yes? No? Hard to say who is right and who is wrong since we’re breaking new ground here.

Going mobile; Flurry tells us that 51% of the new device activations on Christmas Day came from Apple products. Samsung came in a distant second with only 17.7%.

And what did we do with all these new devices? We installed apps. 150% more than on an average day in December.

Finally, here are a couple of interesting reads if you have some time to spare over the next few days. Bookmark them on your new Apple device so you can read while you’re standing in line at Target to return that kitchen gadget you got from Aunt Sadie.

AdAge takes a look back at The Year in Native Ads.

The Wall Street Journal jumps into the native-ad game. The Journal’s push into native advertising might seem like an also-ran after the Times if it weren’t for the paper’s Editor-In-Chief Gerard Baker calling the practice a “Faustian pact” — that’s a deal with the devil — less than six months earlier.

SiriusDecisions wants you to know that No One Cares What You Have to Say About Yourself. Sounds harsh, but it’s really a piece about how B2B buyers prefer testimonials over self-serving copy.

PIQonomics InfographicI’ll wrap up with an interesting infographic from PlaceIQ that analyzes shopper behavior based on geographic location and where they like to shop.

That’s it for me and all of us here at Marketing Pilgrim. We hope you’ll have a safe and entertaining New Year’s Eve / Day and a prosperous new year.

We’ll see you back here in 2015.

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