Year: 2017

Hits and misses

This was Narendra Modi’s toughest year on the economic front, writes the BBC’s Sameer Hashmi. BBC News – Business

Storm Dylan hits ahead of Hogmanay celebrations

Preparations continue for Hogmanay celebrations in Edinburgh despite the arrival of Storm Dylan. BBC News – Home

North Korea: South seizes second ship in oil supply row

South Korea says 5,100-tonne tanker may have been heading to the North in violation of UN sanctions. BBC News – Business

Sydney seaplane: Six dead as aircraft crashes in river

The aircraft is said to be lying in 13 metres of water and police divers are at the scene. BBC News – Home

Tech 2017: BBC News Online’s biggest technology stories

Apple, ransomware and Bitcoin all feature prominently in BBC Tech’s most read stories of the year. BBC News – Business

Tax internet firms over extremist content, says Ben Wallace

Tech giants are “ruthless profiteers” who are failing to fight terrorism, the security minister says. BBC News – Business

Iran protests: ‘Iron fist’ threatened if unrest continues

After three days of demonstrations, the country’s Revolutionary Guard threatens a crackdown. BBC News – Home