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Amazon raises monthly Prime price in US

The firm bumps up the monthly fee by $ 2, but the cost of an annual subscription was unchanged. BBC News – Business

With forgiveness, a need for economic justice

In the 1990s South Africa preached reconciliation and forgiveness in its successful and largely peaceful transition out of apartheid. Today, Liberia, long torn by civil wars, has peacefully elected a new president, George Weah, who’ll take office Jan. 22. South Africa never fell into a civil war, though many worried that could happen. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Dixons Carphone boss leaves for Boots

The head of the electronics retailer is switching to the cosmetics and chemist chain in a major move. BBC News – Business

Battle over legal marijuana: a monumental moment for states’ rights

West Hollywood is painted with rainbow flags. Known as “The Creative City,” this counterculture hub is set in rolling hills, thrumming with thrift stores, vegetarian restaurants, and, since Jan. 1, four dispensaries selling recreational cannabis. As people waiting in a line outside West Hollywood’s MedMen brush off a rainstorm, Iain McDonald, an actor and Lyft driver from Australia, says he’s puzzled by what he sees as a “war on California.” “When they say state vs. federal – as an outsider – that doesn’t feel right,” he says. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

US shutdown begins as Senate fails to pass new budget

Many federal agencies will close as Republicans and Democrats fail to pass a short-term budget. BBC News – Home

Carillion: The signals that the company was going bust

Why did the City start to bet against construction giant Carillion before it went bust? BBC News – Business

US musician Tom Petty died of ‘accidental drug overdose’

His family believes he was overusing prescription medication when he died in October, aged 66. BBC News – Home