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France shooting: Hostage swap officer ‘fighting for life’

The gendarme was hailed a hero after taking the place of a hostage in a supermarket siege in France. BBC News – Home

Europe backs Britain – and itself

Russia’s drive to create dissent among Western democracies just hit an unexpected speed bump. On Friday, the European Union agreed that Russia was “highly likely” to be responsible for the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in Britain earlier this month. Europe, in other words, will not allow itself to become like Syria’s chemical battleground. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Elon Musk pulls brands from Facebook

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has the official Facebook pages for his Tesla and SpaceX companies deleted. BBC News – Business

Jeremy Corbyn sacks Labour frontbencher over referendum call

Labour leader removes Owen Smith from shadow cabinet after he called for a second EU referendum. BBC News – Home

‘No way’ spy nerve agent came from UK lab

Porton Down says Russian suggestions of link to the Salisbury attack are “frustrating”. BBC News – Home

Prezzo restaurant chain to close 94 outlets

The Italian restaurant chain is closing almost a third of its stores putting hundreds of jobs at risk. BBC News – Business

France hostage crisis: Police shoot supermarket gunman

Armed police shoot a gunman who killed three and stormed a supermarket in Trèbes, southern France. BBC News – Home