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UK ‘in grip of worst flu season since 2011’

Latest weekly figures show rise in numbers of patients going to their GP and being admitted to hospital. BBC News – Home

Lloyds creates fund for Carillion’s small business victims

Lloyds will provide £50m for struggling small firms as Nationwide takes on Carillion staff. BBC News – Business

Chris Tarrant guilty of drink-driving

The radio and TV host was found to be over the legal limit while returning from a pub near his home. BBC News – Home

Superjumbo jet future secured by Emirates order

A big order from Emirates airline saves the A380 after Airbus threatened to stop making the plane. BBC News – Business

Travel disruption as high winds and snow hit UK

Gusts of up to 83mph bring down trees and damage electric wires across parts of the UK. BBC News – Home

PFI deals ‘costing taxpayers billions’

Financing schools and hospitals privately is much more expensive than a public alternative, report finds. BBC News – Business

Emily Maitlis fears stalker will never stop

The Newsnight presenter speaks about being harassed by a former friend for more than two decades. BBC News – Home