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Syria ‘chemical’ attack: Experts finally visit Douma site

International experts make a much-delayed examination of the site of a suspected attack in Douma. BBC News – Home

Carwyn Jones to quit as first minister

Carwyn Jones says he will stand down as Wales first minister in the autumn BBC News – Home

Scottish Power to raise gas and electricity prices

The move follows recent increases announced by energy giants EDF Energy and British Gas. BBC News – Business

Readers write: Lifting humanity through a story, prayer after mass shootings, making sense of confusing events

Regarding the Feb. 9 Monitor Daily article “ ‘Calls From Home’: Kentucky radio station connects inmates and families”: This was such an important story. Recommended: Could you pass a US citizenship test? Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

The US and its allies knocked Russia off balance, Pleading for a de-escalation of the US-China trade war, The jailing of ‘Lula’ reveals unequal treatment of corrupt politicians, US postwar management of Iraq has been a disaster, Learn from life mistakes

“It was anything but dull in the Security Council on [April 9], when Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya faced off with his US and UK counterparts, Nikki Haley and Karen Pierce, respectively…,” writes Konstantin Eggert. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Ofcom seeks to scrap local TV roll-out

The media regulator says launching more local TV stations in the UK is not viable. BBC News – Business

Theresa May: Compensation for Windrush generation

The prime minister says people who were treated unfairly will receive payments “where appropriate”. BBC News – Home