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‘Poor’ British Steel pensions advice reviewed by police

Tata employees claim they have been mis-sold advice about moving from the British Steel Pension Scheme. BBC News – Business

Profoundly deaf Maisie Sly is the star of a short film which may be nominated for an Oscar

Profoundly deaf six-year-old Maisie Sly is the star of The Silent Child, a short film which could be vying for an Oscar. BBC News – Home

‘Ice Maiden’ team celebrates ski record

The women, who are all part of the British Army, completed their challenge in two months. BBC News – Home

Web firms ‘better’ at hate speech removal

The European Union says that 70% of material deemed to be offensive is removed within 24 hours. BBC News – Business

Kabul: Gunmen attack Intercontinental Hotel

At least four gunmen launched the attack on Intercontinental Hotel, Afghan officials say. BBC News – Home

Readers write: An about-face in reaction to sexual harassment, coverage of international news, books that matter, original and fresh story

Regarding the Dec. 7 Monitor Daily article “Franken resignation shows Democrats’ line in the sand”: No woman should have to put up with unwanted sexual advances, either verbal or physical, even though such behavior has been prevalent for decades. Women have had to walk on eggshells, in fear of losing their jobs for reporting sexual harassment. Hurray for women, who have risen to the occasion and come together in efforts to put an end to sexual harassment. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Carillion plan dubbed ‘sticking plaster’

The FSB small business organisation rejects government claims that banks’ support will provide a lifeline. BBC News – Business