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Marketing messages are a lot more effective when they’re targeted. That’s a given. But customizing the message is tricky when you’re updating a social media feed. Say your company is going on a road trip across the US. Do you want to stack up 12 posts, one for each city on your company LinkedIn feed? LinkedIn has a better idea.

Direct Sponsored Content

Direct Sponsored Contact

What this tool allows you to do is create custom content and make it visible only to a specific group of people. This way you can personalize and test content without clogging up your public facing feed.

Previously, if you wanted to pay to promote your 12 city tour, you’d have to create 12 pieces of content, each with specific city information, then push each one out as sponsored content using location targeting. Anyone who visits the company page would see all 12 posts stacked up.

With Direct Sponsored Content, instead of choosing content that’s already in your feed, you choose to create new content. You fill in the specific deals, add a landing page for details then choose your target audience. Once you set it free, that piece of content only shows up on the feeds you targeted. It won’t show up on your company’s public feed. Now you can send 12 customized messages to people in each of your tour cities. Nifty.

Note, it is “sponsored” which means it’s a paid ad option. This is about lead generation.

LinkedIn suggests you use the tool to test content, too. Send out two different pieces of content for the same product and see which one gets the clicks. Send out the same piece of content to two different target groups and see which one gets the clicks. What’s important here is that you can build and send and play all you like and none of it is going to show up on your public feed. The only thing you need to worry about is how much money your spending with each test!

If you’re a page admin, you’ll see a Direct Sponsored Content tab on your company page. This is where you’ll see all of the content you sent out along with the analytics. You can also respond to comments from this page while still keeping the conversation off the public page.

All you need to get started is a LinkedIn advertising account. Don’t have one? They’ll be more than happy to help you set one up.

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