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8 Overlooked Social Media Tactics That Can Increase Conversion Rates

“Wash. Condition. Rinse. Repeat.” Sound familiar? It’s a common morning routine. And we all know how things run when we settle into a comfortable routine: it feels like life is on autopilot. Sometimes, that works. However, you might perform your routine so well that you forget to look for improvements. Perhaps your hair would look better without conditioner, but if you never stop to question your routine, you’ll keep going down the same path. You’ll be stagnant. The same logic applies to your social media strategy. It’s easy to repeat the tactics that have worked well for you so far, ... Read more

How to Acquire Customers with Facebook’s New Messenger Ads

Facebook recently released Facebook Messenger app ads to the general public. Aaaaaannnnnddddd digital advertising just got even more creepy than ever imagined. Thanks, Zuck. You can now directly message potential prospects via Facebook Messenger right in their inboxes. Kinda like LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail. Meaning you can nag people 24/7 now. But with all of these new features comes white noise. Using the right tactic is like finding a needle in a haystack on new platforms. Just like with any new digital advertising platform, it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. What will help you acquire customers and what ... Read more

7 Trials and Tribulations Of Email Outreach

It’s the grand old way of getting your website noticed online, but despite its long-in-the-tooth reputation, the effectiveness of email outreach is showing no signs of slowing down – despite what some experts might have us believe. An old-fashioned email campaign can seem like the loneliest method of promotion available in the 21st Century. It’s not unusual to write thousands of outreach emails knowing full well that well over half of your messages will never even be read. Neil Patel believes that a reasonable expectation from an outreach campaign is to get around five links for every 100 emails sent, ... Read more

3 Shortcuts for Business Owners to Market Effectively Without Wasting Time

9-to-5 jobs are never truly 9-5. There’s always something that comes up that needs to get done. ASAP. No questions asked. Thank your boss for that one. Actually, don’t. That’s probably not a good idea. But running a business is a whole new level of busy. Being a business owner in today’s world is damn near impossible. Want to have a normal work-life balance? Good joke. Need to take a vacation to refresh your brain? Sure. If you’re okay with a business-level apocalypse. Family asking you to go apple picking this weekend? It isn’t happening. As a small business owner, ... Read more

Will E-Commerce Benefit from Machine Learning or Face a New Threat?

The e-commerce revolution was built on the back of digital advances and automation, but is the next generation of machine learning and AI friend or foe? Machine learning is the method today’s systems use to learn about you and the fundamental things that make you who you are. It looks beyond generalizations and characterizations on your age or gender and realizes that you’re a huge fan of cartoon dogs and emojis, but only the ones that have the same hair as you. In the e-commerce space, machine learning is being used to slowly learn what customers prefer and how they ... Read more

6 Tips For Sending Your Email Newsletter At The Right Time

Have you ever noticed that it seems like every single company seems to send their email newsletter at the same time? Usually they’re sent very late at night or extra early in the morning. Which is, funny enough, when most of their audience is sleeping, so we wake up with an overstuffed inbox each morning. I am guessing that you have also run into this somewhat minor annoyance. But it literally is one of my biggest pet peeves. If you are like me, the deleting of most of these newsletters has become part of your morning ritual. It is pretty ... Read more

How to Outperform Sites Ranking Above You on Search Engines

That latest post took days to develop. It’s instructive and inspiring and educational and entertaining. Easily, one of your best yet. But you come to check your traffic data only to find that you’re ranking 70th in the SERPs. In other words, you ain’t gettin no traffic anytime soon. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Unless some crazy person is actually clicking seven pages deep on Google. Which they aren’t. All of that hard work, research, and effort got you almost nothing in return. Meanwhile, your competitors are ranking in the top ten results, even though their content isn’t as long or thorough. ... Read more