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Tips for blocking SEMalt and botnet attacks

SUMMARY: Botnets are degrading Website performance and preventing real people from visiting your Websites.  Here is a brief update on the problem and some measures you can take to block one specific botnet operated by SEMalt. You may know by now that the SEMalt “service” has been probing Websites with fake traffic generated by botnets.  The problem with fighting botnets is that they come from everywhere.  Many of the compromised nodes are Web hosting servers hiding in the cloud or in far eastern and European data centers.  We see them coming out of Africa, South America, and even New Zealand.  US ... Read more

How to Share Content That Readers Will Want to Re-Share

Social media makes it easy to share content, but, like anything else, there’s a right way and a wrong way. You can just click the share button on the web page, but that will waste an opportunity. Savvy sharers frame the content to intrigue and entice readers so that they, in turn, will want to share it with their own audiences. Now, it’s true that content – in this case the item you’re sharing – will always be king. But if the king doesn’t command respect, no one will listen to his speech, right? He’s got to woo the audience, ... Read more

Foursquare Releases Social Search-Centric Redesign

The network is now more focused on allowing users to tailor the network to their personal preferences, which, conveniently, opens new opportunities for brands. Social – ClickZ

After rewarding customers for slower shipping, Amazon offers same-day in more cities

Amazon, you’re confusing me. Last week, you offered Prime members a $ 1 video bonus if they passed on their Prime privilege in favor of a slower shipping option. We all assumed it was because you couldn’t keep up with the shipping load. And if you can’t keep up now, in the summer, the slowest time of the year for eCommerce, what’s going to happen in November? I was worried about the stress all this fast shipping was causing you, so I chose the slower method for my last order and so did my son. Now, I see that you’ve ... Read more

Just 27% of digital marketers give their clients the very best results [infographic]

If there’s one thing that marketers are known for, it’s our ability to exaggerate and embellish. So, it’s somewhat surprising that in a recent SEMPO survey, just 27% of digital marketing agencies claim to be “very successful” in their efforts. As if that isn’t bad enough, their ability to measure ROI from their efforts had dropped across all channels since 2012! Marketing Pilgrim – Internet News and Opinion

Post Sale, Now What? How to Increase Your Repeat Customers

In the marketing world, we put the bulk of attention on getting new customers. Of course, that is important to keeping your business running. However, keeping your customers coming back deserves as much, if not more, attention, especially in a SaaS model where repeat customers are the base of your business. So, what can you do to retain more customers? #1: Provide Unusually Great Customer Service Did you know that when asked what makes them loyal to a particular brand, 72% said “customer service”? This is the easily most obvious suggestion, but what does solid customer service look like for ... Read more

Nielsen report says social media cuts down on timeshifted TV

For most people, fall means back-to-school, a change in the weather and the very first rumblings of the holiday season. For me, fall means a whole new line-up of shows on TV! I’m counting the days until the return of Sleepy Hollow and the start of the new series Gotham. I’m actually surprised that networks premiere so many of their big shows in the fall. Thanks to DVR’s and digital on-demand options, we don’t watch TV the way we used to. Networks and advertisers were forced to give up the old fashioned overnight ratings reports. Now, it’s all Live plus ... Read more