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Facebook reports 19 percent increase in daily active users

There are more people using Facebook on a regular basis than there were last year. 19% more. Care to guess how many people that is? Go ahead and guess: how many Daily Active Users does Facebook have now? (I’ll put the answer at the bottom.) Facebook just released their Second Quarter 2014 Financial Summary and it’s looking good for the social media giant. Second quarter revenue was $ 2.91 billion. That’s a 61% increase compared to $ 1.81 billion this same time last year. I’d take that any day. Leading the charge? Mobile. Mobile was responsible for about 62% of ... Read more

LinkedIn Direct Sponsored Content skips the page and goes straight to the target

Marketing messages are a lot more effective when they’re targeted. That’s a given. But customizing the message is tricky when you’re updating a social media feed. Say your company is going on a road trip across the US. Do you want to stack up 12 posts, one for each city on your company LinkedIn feed? LinkedIn has a better idea. Direct Sponsored Content What this tool allows you to do is create custom content and make it visible only to a specific group of people. This way you can personalize and test content without clogging up your public facing feed. ... Read more

39 Resources for Understanding the Science & Psychology Behind Great Marketing

We all know that a deep understanding of psychology will make us better marketers, but determining exactly where to start if we want to learn more about the psychology of marketing can feel daunting. After all, psychology is an enormous field, with many sub areas to drill down into and countless case studies, books, online articles and magazines to wrap your head around. I’ve been grappling with this since I decided to focus on improving my own understand of the psychology of marketing. In an effort to make all of our lives easier, I’ve scoured the web for the best ... Read more

The Future of Conversion Optimization – What’s New and What’s Next

Trend forecasting posts are usually reserved for the New Year, but so many changes have happened already through 2014, that we’d be remiss if we didn’t tackle a few of them now. With conversion optimization, the user still remains the key pivotal player, but the way they interact with the web and how they buy is changing. Let’s take a closer look at the ever-shifting landscape to see what’s coming up on the horizon in terms of both technology and design. Mobile is No Longer a Minority It used to be that sites were designed with “mobile friendly” options, much ... Read more

Study shows mobile social users are more active and engaged

64% of online adults use a desktop or laptop to access social media at least once a week. That’s a nice number. A lot nicer than the 45% who use a smartphone or the 25% who use a tablet. But when talking about social media marketing,  the majority doesn’t always rule. Forrester Research says, “The Social Users You Want To Reach Are On Mobile“. According to this new study, social media users who connect through mobile are more engaged and more active. Smartphone users log on to their Facebook app an average of 16 times a month and more than ... Read more

These 3 Brands Are Doing Twitter Marketing Right

A look at a selection of brands that are embracing the new capabilities of Twitter and using the platform to its full marketing potential, along with tips for ways you as a marketer can do the same for your own business. Social – ClickZ