Study shows mobile social users are more active and engaged

64% of online adults use a desktop or laptop to access social media at least once a week. That’s a nice number. A lot nicer than the 45% who use a smartphone or the 25% who use a tablet. But when talking about social media marketing,  the majority doesn’t always rule.

Forrester Research says, “The Social Users You Want To Reach Are On Mobile“.

According to this new study, social media users who connect through mobile are more engaged and more active.

Smartphone users log on to their Facebook app an average of 16 times a month and more than 4 times a day for a combined total of almost a half hour per user, per day.

Forrester Time Spent on Social MobileLook at Pinterest! Penetration is low but man are those smartphone users loyal. They check in an average of 5.9 times a day and spend almost as much time as they spend on Facebook.

Smartphone users are more like to post a picture, audio or video they created (46% vs 34% on PC). They’re also more like to post a text update (59% vs 48%).

More importantly, mobile users said they were more likely to read and share a branded post compared to their desktop using counterparts.

40% of tablet users said they share branded posts on a weekly basis, 36% of smartphone users do the same but for the desktop users, it’s only 28%.

What does this mean for the marketer?

It means you need to keep the smaller, mobile screen in mind when posting to social media. Just right-sized photos, short videos, less text – and if you’re linking back to your website, make sure it’s a mobile friendly link.

Mobile means on the fly, so it’s perfect for timely messages and references to trending topics. (Psst…it’s Comic Con week, time to bring out all the geeky goodness!) Which leads right into the final point – remember that the smartphone audience is usually a younger audience. 42% of those who use only a PC to access social media are over 55. As more kids grow up and into their first social media account, the mobile percentage is going to get higher and higher.

So, if you’re not mobile now, you have exactly five minutes to figure it out before you’re in social media trouble.


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