Britain’s rival EU campaigns restart as polls show momentum for ‘In’

Students attend the launch of the 'Brighter Future In' campaign bus at Exeter University in ExeterBy William James LONDON (Reuters) – The campaign to decide Britain's membership of the European Union restarted on Sunday after a three-day hiatus following the killing of lawmaker Jo Cox, with Prime Minister David Cameron warning Britons they faced an "existential choice" on Thursday. Campaigning activities ahead of the June 23 EU referendum resumed with two opinion polls showing the 'Remain' camp recovering some momentum, although the overall picture remained one of an evenly split electorate. "So ask yourself: have I really heard anything – anything at all – to convince me that leaving would be the best thing for the economic security of my family?" Michael Gove, a senior spokesman for the rival 'Leave' campaign, said leaving would actually improve Britain's economic position.

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