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Calculators ‘a plus’ for young mathematicians after all

Academics found calculators can also help students become better at problem solving. BBC News – Home

‘Mummy’s not got money’ – the children in poverty in Oldham

The parents in Oldham who struggle to buy food and basic necessities for their children BBC News – Home

Whales in mass stranding on Western Australia beach

About 150 animals wash up on a beach south of Perth, prompting a major rescue effort. BBC News – Home

For doctor in Congo's overlooked conflict, 'crisis fatigue' isn't an option

Dr. Elvis Badianga Kumbu can tell a lot about what’s happening in this part of Congo by the stories women tell him. The few paved roads that run through the region are cratered with potholes as deep as small swimming pools. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Trump's action on China helps all inventors

It also could nudge China to better honor a cornerstone idea of the world trading system. The idea is that individuals who invent a widget or create a great work serve a grand purpose for all by bringing forth a useful discovery. To nurture such progress, their work deserves temporary legal protections from theft. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Rise in cancers ’caused by weight’

Excess weight now causes 6.3% of all cancer cases – up from 5.5% in 2011, a study suggests. BBC News – Home

May urges ‘new dynamic’ in Brexit talks

EU and UK must push ahead to find “workable solutions” to problems, the prime minister says. BBC News – Home