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Meanwhile in … Gambia, voters will vote using glass marbles for the last time

Gambia, voters will head to the polls this spring to elect local officials as expected, but it will be the last time they will vote using glass marbles. For the past 60 years, each Gambian has cast a vote by dropping a glass marble into a barrel painted in party colors. The system works well, discourages fraud, and allows illiterate voters to participate, Gambian officials have said in the past. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Commonwealth meeting: Queen hosts summit at Buckingham Palace

The leaders of the 53 nations are discussing plastic waste, cyber security and trade. BBC News – Home

Debenhams sales hit by ‘Beast from the East’

Profits crash at the department store chain as freezing weather takes its toll on first-half sales. BBC News – Home

Trump ‘will walk out’ if North Korea talks not fruitful

The US president and Japanese PM agree maximum pressure will be kept on North Korea. BBC News – Home

Plastic straw and cotton bud ban proposed

Plan for ban in England announced as Commonwealth leaders urged to join fight against plastic waste. BBC News – Home

In Kim story, a likely ratings boost for diplomatic repairman designee Pompeo

For a year, Mr. Trump’s short-lived first secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, isolated himself on the State Department’s storied seventh floor to pursue a slash-and-burn department reorganization. With one Republican and a rising number of Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee already saying they will vote against confirmation, the former Kansas congressman looks unlikely to get an affirmative committee vote and faces an uncertain outcome in a full Senate vote later this month. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines

Moon shot for peace between the Koreas

In coming weeks, the world’s most heavily armed border, or the line between North and South Korea, could soon be the scene of the greatest peacemaking in 2018. On April 27, Kim Jong-un is expected to cross the 2.5-mile-wide demilitarized zone and become the first North Korean leader to set foot inside South Korea. Then, if all goes well at that historic meeting, President Trump could, either in May or June, fly to a yet-unknown country and become the first sitting president of the United States to meet a North Korean leader. Yahoo News – Latest News & Headlines